ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The West Albany Fire Department will be escorting Santa and Mrs. Claus down the streets of West Albany on December 17. The route will begin at 9 a.m. from Traditional Lane and Georgian Lane, and will eventually finish at Wilkins Ave.

There will be a live tracker that the fire department will share on its Facebook page. Those who want to take a picture with Santa are asked to come to the end of their driveway as the fire department is unable to come up to each individual house.

The route:

1) Traditional Lane, Georgian Terrace

2) Castle Ct, Wedgewood Dr, Chateau Ct, Roman Ct.

3) Russell Road, Lower Sand Creek Road, Van Rensselaer Rd, Lower Exchange St Area

4) Sand Creek Road (To Wilkins), Old Meyers Drive

5) Carol Ann Dr, Susan Lane, Van Dyke Ct, Clit Ct

6) Wilkins (to Dowling Rd), Dowling Road, Lisa Ct

7) Wilkins (To Venus Dr), Venus Dr (to Wilkins)

7) Morone Pl

8 ) Oakwood Dr, Oakwood Dr W, North Ct

9) Osborne Rd, Nancy Theresa Terr

10) Osborne Rd (To Stonegate)

11) Stonegate Ct, White Rock Circle, Old Birch Ln

12) Willowdale Terr

13) Sand Creek Rd(To Marriner Ave)

14) Marriner Ave, Pinewood Pl

15) McNutt Ave(btw Pinewood Pl & Sand Creek)

16) Fredrick Ave(To Dory Ln)

17) Dory Ln, Roe Ave, Smith Ave

18) Campagna Dr(To Winifred Dr)

19) Victory Dr, Louis Ave

20) Drake Court

21) Harwich Dr, Karl Ct, Garfield Ave, Haley Ct

22) Kennedy Dr, Burlwood Dr, Chriswood Dr, Pfeil Ave

23) Brickley Drive


25) Warwick Dr, Rondack Rd, Amboy Dr, Norbrick Dr

26) Admiral St, Ensign Pl, Commodore St, Birch Tree Rd, Brigadier St & Adams Dr

27) Linton Ave, University St, Crestone Rd

28) Exchange St(From Linton to Jon Michael W entrance)

29) Jon Michael Terr, Lynn Ct

30) Exchange to Osborne

31) Leach Ave, Joseph Ave

32) Osborne to Brayton

33) Brayton St, Reynolds St

34) Laing St, Undine St, Barthol St, Launfal St, Norton St

35) Cramond St

36) Corthell St to Osborne

37) Offord St to Cramond

38) Cramond to Central right onto Reynolds

39) Reynolds back up to Brayton St

40) Cross Over to Braintree St

41) Braintree St to Winthrop St right onto Quincy St

42) Osborne to Milton St left onto Milton

43) Milton to Fairfield left onto Weymouth St right onto Winthrop

44) On Winthrop left onto Quincy St left onto Weymouth to Fairfield

45) Pierce St, Natick St, Braintree st, Newton St

46) Fairfield to Wendfair Terr

47) Wendfair Terr, Wendell Dr

48) Osborne(From Wendell – Sand Creek)

49) Exchange, Prospect, North St, Sunnyside)

50) Wilkins Ave (btw Sand Creek – Exchange)