ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Albany Police Chief Eric Hawkins gave an update and showed bodycam footage of the officer-involved shooting that took place on New Scotland Avenue. He said the department wanted to show full transparency by releasing bodycam footage.

“This individual decided for whatever reason to attack an officer,” Chief Hawkins said.

On January 24, police were called to Morris Street in the early morning for a report of a home invasion with a gun. Hawkins said officers saw 32-year old Jordan Young with a knife and a dog near New Scotland Avenue on their way to the scene and stopped him as part of the investigation into the home invasion. Police noticed the man had a knife to his dog’s throat.

The body-camera footage starts with two officers in their car patrolling the area from the perspective of the driver. Once they get to the scene, the officer gets out of the vehicle and tells the man to drop the knife.

“We have a person that has a weapon and even tells the officer that he has a knife. The man was exhibiting some level of instability but we don’t know what that is,” said Hawkins.  

In the bodycam footage from the officer in the passenger seat, officers again can be heard yelling “drop the knife.” The officer can be seen holding his weapon and the man can be seen running toward him.

Hawkins said three shots were fired in the man’s torso area and a taser was deployed. The officer who fired his weapon did not have a taser. “This encounter took 60 seconds from the time police encountered this person and until shots were fired. The officer had to make a decision within 4 seconds and he did not create that scenario.”

You can watch the update in the player below:

The 32-year-old man remains in critical condition. Alice Green, a community advocate and spokesperson for Young’s family says she still questions police actions. “Mr. Young is seriously damaged, and they’ve taken away a father of 3-year-old and an 8-year-old.”

“The officer in my opinion took the necessary action in order to protect himself at that point,” said Hawkins.

Hawkins said the officers involved are on administrative leave. Both officers whose bodycam footage was shown have been with the Albany Police Department for about 10 months.

Hawkins said that man does reside in the house where the home invasion occurred. Police are still trying to figure out his involvement. He said police had a previous encounter with him on January 14 for a report of a domestic-related incident. Hawkins said the officers were unaware of this incident.

Hawkins asserts that the use of deadly force was justified. He said the officer had four seconds to react. He retreated and still had to use deadly force.

Some questions were raised during the update on the man’s mental health condition. Hawkins said officers are trained for de-escalation. The department has responded to 9,000 mental distress calls in three years and had not had to use deadly force before.

This remains an open and active investigation.