COLONIE, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The Colonie Town Supervisor, Peter Crummey, announced that Verizon has submitted applications for small cell nodes to improve service in Colonie. Six applications have already been approved by the town.

After the approval, Verizon now has permits for installation of small cell nodes in the area near the locations listed below,

  • #284 Loudon Road
  • #336 Loudon Road
  • #428 Loudon Road
  • #378 Sand Creek Road
  • #86 Sparrowbush Road
  • #19 Weed Road

The three other applications Verizon has submitted are for the following locations,

  • #2 Crumitie Road
  • #26 Turner Lane
  • #369 Albany Shaker Road

Crummey announced last July the creation and adoption of a new Local Law which encourages better cell service in Colonie to promote safety. “The Local Law provides a streamlined process for cell carriers to apply for permits through our Highway Department to position small cell nodes on existing poles and structures in order to boost signals upwards of 2000 feet.” Crummey also comments, “We all look forward to Verizon’s installation of this necessary equipment and I encourage all cell carriers to also promptly move in this direction. The interrupted cell service and dead zones are far too frequent and often are an impediment to our public safety,” said Supervisor Peter G. Crummey.”