Two killed in house fire on Bryan St. in Pittsfield

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An elderly couple was killed in house fire in Pittsfield early Thursday morning.

Fire investigators say that the house only had one smoke detector, which was found sitting on a basement shelf.

Firefighters worked desperately to rescue the couple from the first floor but it was too late. A close friend of theirs says they volunteered in the community and were active in their church.

At 4 a.m., a fire broke out at a home on Bryan Street. Raymond and Beverly Kinsella were trapped inside and the father used his last few moments alive to save his daughter.

“She woke up to the coughing and smoke she went downstairs and her father told her to get out of the house. She leaped out of the back window and landed on the back deck,” Pittsfield Fire Department Chief Robert Czerwinski said.

Raymond was 74 and his wife Beverly was 73.

“This is just going to be a big presence that’s missed because that horn was always there. I just, I don’t know what it’s going to feel like,” Winslow said.

A man and his trumpet, that’s how Karen will remember Ray. The pair became close friends through church choir.

“He was just, just the greatest guy you could ever know and he was so talented and kind,” Winslow said.

From rescuing animals to Ray playing taps at veteran’s funerals, the Kinsella’s certainly left a mark on their community.

“He and his wife Beverly were the sweetest people and I know everyone says that but they really and truly were,” Winslow said.

Chief Czerwinski says the fire was most likely caused by an electrical fault.

“An air conditioning unit that was plugged into an extension cord which was plugged into a power strip.”

He says there does not appear to be any working smoke alarms in the house.

“This is fire prevention week and it’s so sad that we lose people’s lives due to lack of smoke detectors.”

Chief Czerwinski reiterates that smoke detectors are lifesaving. Reach out to your local fire department or the red cross if you need help installing them.

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