TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — If you have precisely the right amount of cash and enough courage, you could have your very own haunted mansion nestled in the Collar City.

Homeowner Michele Bell says 562 5th Avenue — coined “The Enslin House” — has been in her family for six generations and comes with a long history to explain some of the haunted happenings over the years.

“My great grandfather came from Bavaria, Germany, and built this home. Growing up here, it was very interesting, to say the least. There’s about nine ghosts in the house, three men in the basement that I know of, and around the house definitely my grandfather and my son,” Bell explains to NEWS10 ABC’s Mikhaela Singleton.

Bell says she grew up hearing stories of how the infamous gangster Jack “Legs” Diamond used to frequent the home back when her grandfather ran a speakeasy and also how a renter named “Shirley” fell down the basement stairs and passed away, with her ghost now residing among the other spiritual tenants.

News of this haunted Troy staple has spread far and wide, meaning there’s also an element of glamour to the home’s mystique.

“We had two films last year that used the basement and the attic. Paranormal investigators have been here. The last guest that stayed here said that there was an indentation in the bed, like someone was sitting in the bed, but nobody was there. Things fall, they just fall off the dresser or fall off the table,” Bell says.

She says it’s finally time to move on though and invite another family to share room with the spirits. The home is listed for sale for exactly $444,444.

“I feel my moral obligation has ended, I helped my mother transition here when she died. I list my family home with intention with the 444’s, because it’s an angelic symbolism of protection,” she says.

Until a new family is found, you can stay in The Enslin House on AirBnB.