TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The City of Troy has seen an uptick in violence, including two young people killed in shootings recently. Thursday night, the city moved forward with a plan to make the streets safer.

The Troy City Council voted unanimously to accept a new company to upgrade the city’s cameras and add more.

One hundred twenty cameras will be placed in an expanded area for video usage only. They will not have license plate or facial recognition capability. They will have the ability to operate remotely while the current cameras are being fixed.

Eclipse Network Solutions’ bid includes both servers and storage separate from the city’s current network.

It will cost $95,823.

Troy Mayor Patrick Madden released the following statement:

“Surveillance cameras are one of many tools used by law enforcement to investigate crimes in our community. Earlier this year, my administration advanced a plan to upgrade to the City’s existing camera network in coordination with the Troy Police Department. Deployment of new camera technology will strengthen the reliability of our camera network, and I express my thanks to Assemblyman John McDonald for securing the state funding to move this important initiative forward.”

“I’m also pleased to move ahead with purchase of equipment, training and implementation a body-worn camera program for the Troy Police Department. The deployment of new technologies reinforces the department’s continued modernization as a 21st century law enforcement agency. I look forward to working closely with department leadership to implement this program in the coming months.”