TROY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Troy has purchased about 4,400 street lights from National Grid ahead of its planned conversion to LED technology. The city also plans to convert the existing street lights to LED in partnership with Siemens Industries.

“The transition of the city’s current street lights to LED technology continues our commitment to implement smart city initiatives, reduce our carbon footprint, and decrease the amount of power needed to illuminate our streets at night. We are excited to partner with Siemens Industries on this exciting opportunity to improve visibility in our neighborhoods, enhance quality of life, and reduce costs for taxpayers,” said Mayor Patrick Madden.

The city estimates the switch to LED technology will reduce power consumption of street lights by over 60 percent and provide an annual energy savings of over $378,000. LEDs are brighter than normal street lights and help improve visibility in public spaces.

A total of 108 city-owned light fixtures have been refitted in the Lansingburgh and South Troy neighborhoods. Those LED street lights will be energized in the coming weeks. The conversion of the additional street lights is expected to begin in January. The city said it is expected to save $938,951 annually by owning these lights.