SLINGERLANDS, N.Y. (NEWS10) -The same smoky air that humans have been breathing in this week, our pets have also been taking in. At The Animal Hospital of Slingerlands, Veterinarian and Practice Owner, Lexi Becker, says pet owners have been expressing concern over the air quality.

“Same sort of issue that you’d see with people. Any of this smog, these type of weather conditions, certainly can affect animals as well,” said Becker.

When it comes to going outside for some physical activity, Becker says the time spent should be limited. “For the young, healthy individuals who are tolerating short spouts outside, you can certainly take them outside as well. You wouldn’t want to keep them out for longer periods of time,” explained Becker.

Staff at The Animal Hospital, Maureen Townsend, says animals that have health conditions or are older in age are at risk. “I would imagine there are individuals that do have some issues like chronic bronchitis, maybe some asthma,” described Townsend.

Even without medical problems, some animals could be more sensitive to the air. “Birds are especially sensitive. They recommend keeping them inside away from windows,” stated Becker. “Some of our smushy-nosed breeds might have a little bit more issues as well,” said Townsend.

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) announced a few tips to protect pets during this time of poor air quality:

  • Keep pets inside as much as possible with windows shut
  • Let dogs and cats outside for only a brief bathroom break
  • Avoid intense outdoor exercises. Only exercise pets when dust and smoke have settled
  • Bird owners- birds should not be allowed outside when smoke or particulate matter is present

Another recommendation from the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society is if you have an air purifier, use it.