Tick season now underway


ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – This time of year is nymph season, which means tiny ticks roughly the size of poppy seeds are now out and can spread Lyme Disease.

” In the population of people that do have Lyme Disease, less than 80 percent of them ever recall being bit by a tick,” explained Dr. Ronald Stram.

Eventually, the little nymph ticks will grow into bigger adult ticks. Regardless of the size of the tick, they can still carry Lyme Disease—- an illness that can cause a bullseye rash, as well as joint pain, and cognitive difficulty.

Dr. Ronald Stram said not every patient experiences those symptoms, which means there is a high chance of misdiagnosis.

However, for those who are diagnosed, they can undergo antibiotic treatment.

According to a recent study that looked a patients who had the bullseye symptoms, treatment for Lyme Disease fails for at least 10 to 20 percent of people.

Dr. Stram said for those patients, it’s likely that they could be suffering from co-infections caused by other bacteria that ticks can carry.

“These forms of the bacteria could be present that therefore a single antibiotic will not be effective if it’s dormant and in a stationary phase,” Stram explained. “And again, that subgroup is only for acute Lyme. It’s based on the bullseye rash and a positive lab testing.”

If you are bit by a tick?

“Save the tick, get the tick tested,” Stram stated.

He explained that way you can know within a couple of days if you need to be treated for a tick-borne illness.

If you don’t have the tick, it’s best to get yourself tested.

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