HUDSON, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The staff at Animalkind in Hudson are working nonstop to nurse a baby kitten back to health.

A man found her covered in tar along 385 in Athens on Thursday. She was all alone, and her limbs were stuck together. She couldn’t move, she could only cry.

But she’s now able to move freely, thanks to the staff at Animalkind who have removed most of the tar using dish soap, mineral oil, and a toothbrush. They regulate her body temperature using a hair dryer.

Staff says they don’t suspect animal abuse as the cause of the kitty’s situation. They say she was likely the runt of a stray litter and got left behind, stuck in wet asphalt.

Although she’s almost all clean, she only has a 50/50 chance of survival. This is because of her young age, and the amount of stress that she has been under.

She likely will have to go to another veterinarian to receive further treatment after Animalkind. They are a nonprofit.

You can donate to help the kitten receive the medical attention she needs at this link.