Stefanik holds town hall meeting, answers tough questions


U.S. Congresswoman Elise Stefanik answered tough questions Thursday about healthcare, agriculture, and gun violence. 

She held a town hall meeting in South Glens Falls at the Moreau Community Center.   

The line wrapped around the building, easily 200 people inside 

The crowd hammered the Congresswoman with questions about gun violence.

“I believe in our second amendment rights,” Stefanik said.

Gun violence dominated the conversation at a town hall with Congresswoman Stefanik 

This was just her 16th public forum since taking office in 2015. 

Tom Masso was one of the first to ask about the high-powered weapons used in mass school shootings like Parkland and Sandy Hook. 

“Why do we need guns like AR-15s with the lethality that can kill dozens of people?,” said Tom Masso of Moreau.

Meanwhile, Congresswoman Stefanik expressed her support for local farmers. 

She told reporters that the farm bill is a huge priority of hers. 

“Look at Washington and Saratoga County in this region. It’s a huge economic driver. One of the challenges they face is the historic low of milk prices. We need to fix the Margin Protection Program,” Stefanik said.

The event ran nearly one hour longer than intended and at times the crowd accused the

Congresswoman of side -stepping their questions.

Especially when it circled back to gun violence.

For Masso, the answer might be at the polls.

“My hope is that voters will take control of these issues because ultimately it’s about our kids,” Masso said.

Stefanik does support the Stop School Violence Act, which gives schools funding for more security 

She has another town hall on Friday at 12 noon in Moriah.

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