ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Today’s 98.3 TRY Social Dilemma came from Mary and it’s about retirement. Here’s her email:

Hi Jaime. I’m in the midst of an argument with my two daughters and I thought this would be a good dilemma for your show. My husband and I are about to retire. We have always loved cruising so we’re actually seriously thinking about retiring to a cruise ship. Some other friends of ours did it, and it sounds amazing. Long cruises going all over the world. Jumping from one ship to the next. We would have everything we need on the ship. Obviously, we’d either take a few weeks off here and there to visit with our kids, but overall, we’d be cruising through our retirement. Our daughters are furious, they say we’re being selfish and that we’re not thinking of them. We love the idea and want to do it. Are we being selfish? We don’t think so but thought you could ask this question. Thanks so much.

~ Mary

I don’t think Mary and her husband are being selfish at all. I understand how the daughters feel, we all like our parents close by. But as someone who loves to cruise, it sounds amazing.

What do you think? Are they being selfish, or should they get cruising? Let me know on the TRY Facebook page.