Saratoga Springs Police hope security camera photos will help in identifying two subjects who they say broke into parked vehicles outside the West Ave branch of the YMCA Monday afternoon.

Police say the photos show two young black males getting in and out of a black Toyota Avalon with no front license plate. They believe the teens, who may also be young adults, are responsible for breaking into at least two cars and stealing purses.

Area police say similar crimes occurred at a daycare center and two other YMCAs, the Albany North Pearl Street location and in Wilton where four vehicles were broken into. 

Andrew Bobbitt, the CEO for the YMCA’s Saratoga Region, says they’ve alerted patrons, especially females to secure their bags inside versus in their vehicles. Police believe the thieves belong to a larger nationwide criminal trend: the so-called “Felony Lane Gang” known for stealing women’s purses, IDs and checkbooks.

Female gang members don disguises to look like their victims’ photo IDs. While cashing stolen checks, they try to avoid face-to-face contact with tellers by using the outer lanes of bank drive-thru’s hence the name “Felony Lane Gang”.

NEWS10 ABC viewers may recall how the group was blamed for several car break-ins at a baseball field in Delmar in May.

If you recognize the people in these photos, you are asked to give your local police department a call.