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Skeletal remains discovered in Lake George construction site

LAKE GEORGE, N.Y. (WTEN) - A construction crew in Lake George made a shocking discovery—human remains.

Experts say the bones date back more than one-hundred years. They belong to an adult, most likely a male. The person is not believed to be a Native American. 

A routine construction dig unearthed a mystery that could date back centuries.

“I think for some people maybe it’s just old bones, but for anyone who works with human remains, this is a person,” said renowned archeologist Dr. David Starbuck. He made the trip from New Hampshire to lend his expertise.

“As we’ve looked at the teeth on the skeleton, it definitely appears to be a European American.”

The bones were spotted Thursday morning by workers clearing land for an apartment building near Courtland and Mohican streets. A backhoe scattered the remains across fifty feet.

“I’m sure it was a shock,” said Warren County Lt. Steve Stockdale. He says, given the history of the area and nearby cemetery, it’s not an unusual discovery.

“Anything in real proximity to the Fort William Henry is subject to finds like this,” he said.

Despite the soil sifting and searching, no other clues were found that could shed light on the person’s identity.

“We haven’t found any artifacts at all so I can’t say whether it’s a French Indian War, Revolution, or a family gravesite from the 19th century,” said Starbuck.  

Besides who this is, the question remains, is it a solitary gravesite or will more remains be found? And

If not here, then where?

“As long as new businesses, new buildings are always going up, every so often every few years we will find another person who’s part of Lake George history,” said Starbuck.

After the remains are thoroughly documented and studied, they will be handed over to the Fort William Henry Museum for a proper burial.

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