GLOVERSVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) — For more than 20 years, one local house in Gloversville has been going above and beyond handing out frights during the Halloween season. And with this year potentially being bigger than the last, a Capital Region family is inviting everyone to come out and share in their spooky haunts.

When siblings Lucinda and Len Aldous bought their home at 82 Steele Ave. in the 1990s, they were immediately greeted with strange and unexplainable things that made them believe their house could be haunted. And along with their love of Halloween, the idea of creating a haunted house for others to enjoy came to life.

It features two, bone chilling attractions that include a lifelike storyline, jump scares, animatronics and more. Lucinda and Len have been adding to and perfecting their home to become the perfect scare zone for all to experience.

Those brave enough to go will participate in a walk through style adventure that will take you through their property and end at an old carriage house directly across from a graveyard.

It takes over two months to set up. The once-cardboard cutout attraction has grown into an extensive production with lifelike handmade costumes, statues and talent all focused on giving you the fright of your life. And although this may be their last year, Lucinda said the idea of sharing something that they both love to do with others — and maybe scare a few people along the way — is what has kept them going for more than the past two decades.

“You know, it’s so much fun to bring the community together and family together and that just makes us want to do it more,” she said. “I mean, the reactions are over the top. And we love doing it. We love to just scare people.”

For those interested in visiting, the haunted house will be operating from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. every weekend up until Halloween.