Sheriff’s office and local EMS teach students and staff how to “Stop the Bleed”


Happening Friday, the Albany County Sheriffs office is introducing a safety campaign for schools in the district to teach students and teachers how to save a life in the event of mass trauma.

The “Stop the Bleed” initiative is part of a national campaign where law enforcement and EMS provide regular citizens with this life saving training.

The campaign was rolled out after the Sandy Hook school shooting, and the purpose is to give anyone just enough first aid training that they would be able to keep someone else alive until professional help arrives.

The Albany County Sheriff’s office is partnering with local EMS agencies to provide the training to as many schools in the Albany County School District as possible. The plan is to teach 11th and 12th graders and staff life-saving techniques, including how to pack a wound with gauze, how to correctly apply a tourniquet, and how to use your hands to stop bleeding with pressure.

Albany would not be the first school in the area to implement this campaign. Cohoes recently unrolled the training for schools in that district as well.

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