Senator Chuck Schumer said more needs to be done by the Environmental Protection Agency to limit PFAS chemicals in drinking water.

“They have agreed to set and MCL, a maximum contamination level,” explained Senator Schumer. “What they haven’t told us is 2 things– how long it will take, and will the level be stringent enough so it really protects people?”

He said the public needs answers to those questions quickly.

Last week the EPA released a PFAS action plan.  While the Senator stated that the plan is a step in the right direction, he added the agency still has a ways to go when it comes to drinking water regulations.  Hoosick Falls Mayor, Rob Allen agrees.

“For communities who have had to face what we have faced and have done the research to see how many times the EPA has said they are going to act on regulating these chemicals, it rang very false to us,” said Allen.

“Once the EPA declares that this is a carcinogenic substance, establishes a MCL,  then all sorts of things are triggered in terms of finding ways to deal with this issue and making the people who did wrong pay for it,” explained Schumer.