SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Mayor Gary McCarthy says if federal aid isn’t restored to cities like Schenectady, they will be forced to make deep cuts. The biggest hit will be to police and fire departments with a total of more than 70 first responders being laid off.

During a phone interview, McCarthy told NEWS10 ABC that, aside from the aid itself, the pandemic has already affected incoming revenue and all city departments will suffer losses.

“Every department. The simple thing is our payroll dollars. If you subtract police and fire, the $11.5 million, you eliminate every position outside of police and fire, and then you still have to lay off police and fire,” said McCarthy. 

It’s a pretty grim picture for a city that was just beginning its economic renassance.

McCarthy added, “Proctor’s is closed. That brought 800,000 people a year to our downtown. The casino, that was million 1, a million 2. And we are trying to bring that back in some safe and feasible format.”

So, what are the Mayor’s thoughts on re-opening?

“It has to be in a manner that is rational and safe for people. So, yes, I want Schenectady to open. It is not going to open to the level that it was to the first part of March or to March 13.”