SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Sunday’s major water main break impacted thousands in Saratoga Springs. It has been repaired and water has been restored, but the boil water advisory remains in effect Monday.

Sunday morning, water was gushing from what officials say is a main line for most of the city. The road reopened Monday afternoon at the intersection of East and Excelsior Avenue where the break took place.

Commissioner of Public Works, Jason Golub said the break happened largely due to old infrastructure, adding that in some places in the city, the pipes are around 100 years old.

“They need to be replaced, and this is an example of one of those,“ Golub said.

According to Mayor Ron Kim, the infrastructure committee that was established in the city last year is actively looking at proposals for grants to prevent more of this from happening.

“We are optimistic that will be able to address some of those issues, and hopefully not see this that often,“ Kim said.

Residents impacted by the break were able to pick up cases of bottled water Monday to get them through the rest of the boil water advisory.

Impacted businesses like Incredible Nutrition, which makes shakes and energy teas, literally can’t run their shop without water.

“I just don’t know what to do other than grab fresh ice and water from the stores,” said the owner, Lexi.

The shop was supposed to reopen from the holidays Tuesday. Staff has jugs of water and ice made before the watermain break on standby.

“We are big on our social media. I’ll have signs up in the window,” Lexi said. “If I’m here, hopefully it’s a good sign then, because everything would be back up and running as normal.”

City officials said everything should be back to normal, with water safe for consumption, by 7 P.M. Tuesday.