The Corning Preserve held the 9th Annual Ice Breaker Challenge, a unique race along the Hudson River where runners and rowers faced off in a 5k Saturday.

“Unless you’re a good runner, you’re going to struggle to keep up,” said Rebecca Clark, President of the Albany Rowing Center.

Even before the clock started ticking, things were getting competitive, both on sea, and on land.

“Oh yeah, this is my 2 mile warm up to success.”

“I feel like maybe some runners might beat the rowers but probably not these runners… us?  No,” said Elisa Donato.

Not everyone had the same competitive spirit, but one thing’s for sure, all of the challengers who came out today were ready to have some fun.

“They’re hot pockets!  And we’re the ‘Squat Pockets.’  We do local cross-fit competitions together,” said Tasha Davis.

And when the horn sounded, the Squat Pockets took to the Corning Preserve bike trail alongside hundreds of other runners, directly to their side was the scenic Hudson River.

That’s where high school and college aged kids from the Albany Rowing Center paddled along.

”It might be a little unfair seeing as it’s 8 people moving one boat and just a runner moving themselves, but I think we could definitely take them,” said Miranda Lesperance.

In the end, it was close, but the runners pulled ahead by just a few seconds, pulling impressive scores.

But the young rowers from know they’re building something even more meaningful than the fleeting success of just one race, a strong team dynamic.

“We all are just like a big old family,” said Landon Thompson.

“It’s not just a school sport.  It’s a club.  So we all come from different schools and we meet each other and we just have a fun time.  We really bond,” said Caitlyn Roddy.