A noose was found hung on a pole at one of RPI’s athletic fields, and the picture was shared on social media.

The noose was found tied to a pole on the campus of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Security has since taken it down, but questions remain as to who hung it up and why.

“It’s scary that people are willing to do that,” student Jordan Plummer said.

Plummer is a sophomore at RPI. She said she saw the picture being shared on Facebook through a page called Overheard at RPI.

“It’s a popular student-run page,” she explained. “It’s something people can scroll through and see these cool things people heard or saw around RPI’s campus.

She usually enjoys it but not this time.

“I don’t think that’s okay,” she said. “I think if the person actually felt that way and intended to use it, they should get help.”

It is unknown who hung the noose and why. Some speculate it may have been a twisted joke.

“I’d say it was in poor taste.”

The noose was removed and the picture was taken off the Facebook page. RPI is now investigating and using local law enforcement to help.

A statement from the school reads the college is committed to providing students an environment “free of any form of discrimination and harassment.”

“I don’t think it was funny,” freshman Roberto Davila said.

Davila thinks the noose could have been racially motivated or making light of suicide.

“This is a serious post,” he said. “Suicide is very serious, and depression is very serious. I don’t think this is something to laugh at.”

RPI said there was another incident over the weekend at a party where some students behaved both threateningly and degrading toward certain ethnic groups. That incident is also being investigated.