Road rage incident leads to man attacking police officers


A Hudson Falls man is out on bail after attacking two Warren County Sheriff’s officers.  He faces a slew of charges stemming from an incident that occurred on Friday.

Warren County Sheriff’s officers responded to a call of a man allegedly driving erratically at Aviation Mall in Queensbury.  David Symer threw punches at the two responding officers, which left one officer with a concussion.

“He was treated and released.  He did spend some time at the Glenns Falls hospital.  He was released.  I talked to him yesterday.  He’s got some pain, but he’s doing fine,” said Sergeant James Fidd.

Symer’s erratic driving allegedly led a family walking in the parking lot of Target to confront him about his driving.  That’s when the family told police Symer attempted to strike them with his car.

No one was hurt, but Sergeant James Fidd cautioned others not to engage with drivers in this type of situation.

“You become a target because this person has become aggravated or upset or looking for somebody to take out their aggravation against,” said Sergeant Fidd.

It’s not clear as to what set Symer off.

“If we can stop them and prevent anything from happening, we’d rather do that before it escalates to this type of situation,” said Sergeant Fidd.

Before Symer attacked the officers, they were conducting a field sobriety test.  They were unable to complete the test.

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