GREEN COUNTY, N.Y. (NEWS10)— Last summer, Kaaterskill Falls was overcrowded with visitors. Many left behind more than just their footprints by scattering garbage along the trails. Greene County Tourism is now asking everyone to pitch in.

We put out more garbage receptacles so people are able to utilize them. We ask whatever you bring into the hiking trails that you bring out,” explained Heather Bagshaw, Greene County Tourism Director. “Just be mindful. This is such a beautiful place we want to keep it that way. We want to leave it open and everyone to enjoy.”

It wasn’t only garbage that people were leaving in places they shouldn’t have, but also their vehicles.
This year, parking restrictions will once again be enforced— tickets will be given and vehicles will be towed for those who don’t follow the rules.

“We are going to have an impound lot that’s opening on Memorial Day weekend, and it will run through the middle of October,” stated David Kukle, Town of Hunter Councilman.

Molly Smith parking lot will be closed throughout the entire season. The falls can be accessed from the Laurel House Road and Scutt Hill Road parking areas, as well as from North-South Lake Campground.

“There are other great hikes throughout Greene County that have nice little waterfalls that you can actually go near, verses the larger waterfall that you might have to enjoy from a view,” said Bagshaw.

Now that COVID-19 restrictions are easing and more places are opening, Kaaterskill Falls is expected to be less overcrowded than last year.