DELANSON, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Beech Tree Labs President & CEO, Dr. John McMichael, believes a product called TML could be used to tackle COVID-19. 

It was developed decades ago and has even been through FDA phase 2-trials for patients with herpes. 

According to Dr. McMichael, COVID-19 patients who received TML recovered within 48 hours. His next step in getting the treatment approved is a pilot trial. 

“We are planning on doing two trials, the first is a pilot trial.  It will be a 40-patient study. 20 patients get the placebo and 20 patients get the TML. The agency has what’s called an emergency use authorization. (The agency being the FDA.) If our pilot trial is successful, it is our understanding that even while our phase 3 trial is underway, TML can be distributed right away to people in need,” said Dr. John McMichael, Beech Tree’s President & CEO.  

Assemblyman Chris Tague is also on board and recently sent a letter to the White House highlighting Dr. McMichael’s efforts.