ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Albany Police Department urged pet owners to vaccinate their dogs for distemper after finding several raccoons and skunks with the virus over the past few weeks.

Mohawk Hudson Humane Society said distemper is contagious and deadly.

The shelter is hosting a vaccination clinic March 1 in response to the police department’s announcement, costing pet owners $10. You can find more information about the clinic here.

A veterinarian at the hospital said the virus is fatal and dogs should be vaccinated every three years.

At least 25 skunks and raccoons were captured by animal control. Animal Control said they showed symptoms like circling, muscle twitches, paralysis.

It can be tough to figure out if an animal has canine distemper or rabies. If you see a possible sick animal, do not approach. Call the Albany police at (518) 438-4000.