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Police seeking information in hit and run crashes

SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (NEWS10) - Police in Saratoga County are still working to solve two hit and run cases from the last several months.

One happened on Route 146 in Halfmoon. The other on Broadway just outside of SPAC in Saratoga Springs.

Police in Saratoga Springs say they do have one very specific piece of evidence that could help lead them to their suspect and that’s a piece of the car involved in this hit and run.

Pamela Agard and her boyfriend were hit by a car a left for dead after leaving a concert at SPAC this summer.

Saratoga Springs police say they did recover a piece of a headlight from the scene that could be helpful in the investigation.

“Car parts can be crucial to an investigation.”

Lt. Robert Donnelly is in the traffic safety unit for Colonie Police. He says one of their cases was solved by using a part found after the accident.

“That began to help us. There were no painted parts originally those parts were from a grill.”

Eventually, those parts paired with other evidence like witnesses and video led them to Brian Tromans who was eventually found guilty of the hit and run that killed National Guardsman Master Sgt. Rudy Seabron back in 2017.

“We were able to kind of work the timeline back to determine where both the driver and the victim were.”

Donnelly says something like this could work in other unsolved hit and runs sometimes it can be narrowing the list of possible vehicles.

“You can do it based on a list so if you’re looking for a green car you can eliminate all the others.

If the pieces left behind have serial numbers on them, it can help even more.

“You might get a range a three or four-year range or you might get hey that’s a 2011 Ford Fiesta.”

Police will work with local mechanics or body repair shops to be on the lookout.

“We will say if you get a car that comes in with similar damage this year or these years in this make and model please notify us.”

All of this can take time.

“It takes a very long time and for those cases that little crucial piece of information is still out there they just haven’t gotten it yet.”

That's why any leads can be helpful.

“They may have that crucial piece of information and they just don’t realize it.”

The car police in Saratoga Springs are looking for is an early 2000s BMW with gold New York license plates and likely has damage to one of the headlights.

State Police are also still looking for the driver of a small black four-door sedan that hit Lucas Williams on Route 146 in Halfmoon in August.

If you have any info that could help police, in either case, reach out right away.

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