Police looking for missing bunnies in Schenectady


It’s not your average tale of lost pets. One local farm saying two of their prized bunnies were stolen from their home.

“Neighborhood children would come just to visit with the rabbits,” Melissa MacKinnon, the garden educator Vale Urban Farms, said.

Over the last weekend that changed.

“They were here Saturday night and Sunday morning they were gone. We found one of them underneath the chicken coup.”

Carrot and Banana are missing. Now only Apple remains and the trio is down to one.

The three rabbits not just are cute but are educators at Vale Urban Farms in Schenectady.

“They teach people ways to have farms. To teach them it’s normal to have an urban farm and to farm in urban areas, to grow your own food, and raise your own livestock.”

The hutch now sits empty. Apple is in protective custody as the farm upgrades its security system.  The garden educator says this goes beyond just the theft of Carrot and Banana.

“Banana was actually expecting a litter of rabbits in about three weeks.”

So far, there are no suspects but the Schenectady Police Department has hopped on to the case.

If you have any information about the stolen rabbits contact the Schenectady Police Department.

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