Shockwaves are still being felt in a local community.

All day long, law enforcement has been working to get to the bottom of what exactly led to the death of 31-year-old Megan MacLean.

Rensselaer County Sheriff Pat Russo says there are still many unanswered questions.

Sheriff Russo confirmed what many in the community hoped wasn’t true.

MacLean was found dead alongside old railroad tracks in Johnsonville.

Many questions remain. How did she get there? And what led to her death?

For now, no one is in custody.

Sheriff Russo would not say whether or not foul play is suspected, but he assures neighbors that there is no reason for any concern at this time.

 “It’s crazy. How could something like that happen around here?”

That’s not making things easier for nearby residents like Erlene Micklas.

“It’s not something you see around this place. It’s just a quiet country.”

MacLean is believed to have walked the trail frequently. Police say she went missing Saturday, two days later her body was found by a friend.

“It’s a big loss, especially for that family.”

While neighbors search for answers, police are asking for help.

“If anyone has seen her or is familiar with her and saw her between Saturday and Monday afternoon, please give our dispatcher a call,” Sheriff Russo said.

An autopsy was conducted earlier on Tuesday. Police are waiting for the toxicology report to determine cause of death.