A major part of Albany will soon be getting a makeover as plans are moving forward to turn the off-ramp of I-787 into a walkway for neighbors.

There’s a lot at stake for Jonathan Brust. The Albany resident goes for daily walks through the city. It’s what drew him to the area six years ago.

As plans for a Skyway are under development, he’s thinking about the future and what it might mean for the city he loves.

“People are going to come, businesses are going to flourish, and it’s going to be prosperity,” he said.

Plans for the elevated park have been in the works for months. Gov. Andrew Cuomo funded the $3.1 million for the project.

“Such a great example of taking an infrastructure that we all love to hate and figuring out what we can do with it,” Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan said.

Sheehan was on hand Tuesday night as a community forum was held at the Palace Theatre. A variation of possible plans and designs were unveiled. Afterwards, residents in attendance were able to pitch their own ideas.

Sarah Reginelli is the president of Capitalize Albany. She said community feedback is crucial to the planning process. The money from Cuomo helped guarantee they can start the project, but how they get further funding is rooted in what plans and ideas they develop.

“What’s the layout? What are the opportunities for activities and amenities?” she said.

It was a great opportunity for neighbors to weigh in.

“I think it’s an opportunity for the city of Albany to grow.”

And for people like Brust to have a voice.

“It is going to be game changer in more ways than one,” he said.

Construction on the Skyway is expected to begin in Fall 2019.

Be part of the conversation on the Albany Skyway

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