A Massachusetts company known for its relaxed pet policies is taking its love for dogs even further with a new product line.

‘Ruff day’ at the office? Recharge and relax with a visit from your furry friend. That’s how it works at Zogics where being a dog lover is part of the job description.

“It reduces stress it encourages people to get up out of their seats and walk their dogs.”

CEO Paul LeBlanc says the benefits of bringing your dog to work are endless. His Rhodesian Ridgeback is always by his side and his policies don’t stop there.

“We have a ‘pawternity’ policy where if you adopt a dog you get an extra week off.”

Zogics supplies 20,000 fitness gyms across the nation with their all-natural products. With so many four-legged employees, it only made sense that the company expand into the world of pet care.

“We use all natural ingredients we use organic and they are free of dyes.”

The shampoos and dog wipes are set to ship out nationwide in May.

LeBlanc says the new offshoot company, Zogics Pet, is a testament to how having dogs around can foster employee’s entrepreneurial spirit. 

“It causes staff to interact in ways that they might not otherwise. We really try to make that a big part of who we are.”

Proving working like a dog can have a ‘pawsitive’ outcome.

The dog care products are in production now and should be ready for purchase in two weeks.