The Red Cross recognized local heroes whose acts of service and bravery made a significant impact on the community.

Ten people were recognized at the Red Cross’ annual Real Heroes Awards event.

Most of them will tell you they were just doing their jobs.

“Everything we do is routine. We just answer questions, take phone calls, and this one was just different,” Duane VanDerwerker, Schenectady County 911 Dispatcher, said.

VanDerwerker says it was a normal day on the job whn he received a call from Gail Moore, an employee at a woman’s shelter who was alone with another woman in labor. 

VanDerwerker gave her instructions on how to deliver the baby.

Both Moore and VanDerwerker were honored at Tuesday’s awards ceremony.

If you want to nominate a friend or family member for next year’s Real Heroes awards, you can do so by visiting the Red Cross’ website.