GLENS FALLS, N.Y. (NEWS10) – On Tuesday, New York Attorney General Letitia James released a report revealing findings of sexual harassment and misconduct on the part of state Governor Andrew Cuomo. The report includes evidence of multiple women experiencing harassment,

The news was met with a flurry of responses and statements from government leaders, and in the North Country, some voter and party advocate groups joined in.

In Washington County, the Washington County Democrats group released comments on behalf of Democrats in the county. The group helps promote Democratic candidates and supporting a variety of local, state and national efforts.

The group writes:

“The Washington County Democratic Committee condemns, in the most strenuous terms, the behavior of Governor Andrew Cuomo and calls for his immediate resignation.  

“The very thorough Report of Attorney General James’s investigation makes it clear that the Governor engaged in a sustained practice of harassment of women in a deeply disturbing abuse of his powerful position and a clear violation of state and Federal law and a complete disregard for professional and human decency.

“This makes his continuing to serve as the Governor of New York untenable. Governor Andrew Cuomo must resign.”

The Washington County Republican Committee did not return a message seeking comment late Tuesday.

Saratoga County’s groups had their own comments to make. Instead of making a call to action to their own members, the Saratoga County Republican Committee called on their Democratic counterparts to demand Cuomo resign.

And that they did. The Saratoga County Democratic Committee renewed a call originally posted on March 12, when allegations of misconduct first emerged against the governor:

“As Democrats, we believe in the importance of public trust and integrity. We must hold ourselves and our elected leaders to the highest standards and lead by example. We have just emerged from four years of chaos caused by the lack of trust and integrity by the former President and other elected officials. Accordingly, we are calling for Governor Cuomo to resign due to multiple investigations and allegations by credible individuals, showing clear patterns of misconduct. The people of the State of New York and Saratoga County must be assured that their representation is held to the highest standards of public trust and integrity,” the March 12 statement reads.

Warren County’s Republican and Democratic committees did not have statements shared on Tuesday, and neither returned News 10 ABC messages seeking comment as of Tuesday afternoon.

On a local government level, Warren County Board of Supervisors Chairwoman Rachel Seeber released a statement focusing on the need to keep sexual harassment out of workplaces at large:

“Here in Warren County, we are in the business of running a county government. This matter is between the governor and the people of New York State. Personally, I believe everyone should feel confident that their workplace is free from sexual harassment, discrimination and retaliation. It takes courage to come forward and we should all have the right to be heard and to have faith in an investigation into allegations when they are made.”

Queensbury Supervisor John Strough gave a brief statement.

“Creating harassing or hostile environments for other people is wrong. Kathy Hochul will make a great governor!”

State and national officials with ties to the North Country also made statements on Tuesday’s findings, including New York Senator Dan Stec, who hails from Queensbury:

“In February, I was one of the very first to call on Governor Cuomo to resign.  Now with today’s report from the attorney general, including 179 individuals interviewed and over 74,000 documents reviewed, it should be clear to even the most loyal of Cuomo’s supporters that he is unfit to lead and he should resign immediately. 
“Cuomo has continuously failed to do the right thing.  From the harassing behavior itself, the lies and false denials, to the intimidation of witnesses and recent questioning of the investigators’ independence, he has shown how despicable he really is. 
“Cuomo asked for an independent investigation, which is exactly what’s happened.  Now the result is in, the truth is out and it is time for him to go.  He, frankly, doesn’t deserve another day in our State Capitol. 
“Years ago, I pushed for a constitutional amendment that would ensure unethical elected officials wouldn’t be able to cash in on their state pension.  Cuomo’s conduct rises to that level and then some.  My hope is that he doesn’t see a dime of the public pension he doesn’t deserve and that he resigns immediately so that our state can move forward free of his bullying, manipulative and unethical behavior.” 

Others to speak up have included Congresswoman Elise Stefanik, who represents New York’s 21st Congressional District.

Stefanik called for both the governor’s resignation and his arrest, and also called out conduct issues from members of his staff, in posts on Twitter.

More comments from lawmakers can be found here:

News 10 ABC has reached out to a variety of local North Country leaders, and this story will be updated in the event that more choose to give statements.