(NEWS10) — Did you make a resolution to be more organized in 2020? Well, you’re in luck– Monday, January 13, 2020 is National Clean Off Your Desk Day.

No, not clean OUT your desk… clean OFF your desk. It’s a day for cleaning the clutter off your desk and giving your work space a good scrub. If you’re drowning in used pens and year-old paperwork, you could be costing yourself valuable time in lost productivity.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few ideas to make cleaning up your work space a bit more manageable.

1 – Take everything off your desk. Yes. Everything. Keyboard, mouse, pens, pencils, mugs, water bottles, phone charger, pad of paper. Put it all in a box or on your chair or on your neighbor’s desk for a minute.

2 – Grab a disinfectant wipe or a wet paper towel and give your desk a good scrub. Get it clean. This is important.

3 – As you place items back on your desk, think carefully about what you do and do not need. Do you need five boxes of paperclips? Probably not. Toss them or give them to a coworker.

4 – Gently wipe down the items you’ve placed back on your desk.

5 – Next, get out the shredder and pull up a garbage can. Shred anything you don’t think you’ll need.

6 – Toss out any old mugs, non-working pens and other clutter on your desk.

7 – Minimize clutter on your desk by taking a moment to designate and organize a storage drawer. Instead of keeping office supplies on your desktop, stash them out-of-sigh in a neatly organized drawer.

8 – Now that you’ve cleaned off and organized your desk, don’t let all that hard work go to waste. Keep your desk clean by spending a minute or two before you leave for the day clearing away any unneeded office supplies and putting everything back in its place. Then give your desk a quick wipe down. Now you’ll walk into work tomorrow morning to a clean, tidy desk, ready for whatever the day has in store.