Mystery warehouse project causing concern


It’s being called the massive mystery warehouse, a huge million-square-foot proposal right in between two Capital Region neighborhoods.

People living there are fighting the project.

Neighbors and even town officials say they don’t know what exactly is going to fill this space.

The proposed site is for a one million square foot warehouse on more than 70 acres of land just off of Route 9 in Schodack.

“We just don’t feel like it’s a good fit for the area they picked because it’s a residential area here and there’s a residential area below us down here.”

Bob Wiltzie was one of the first to move into a nearby development nearly five decades ago.

He says no one knows what company would inhabit the mega-warehouse.

Some homes there are just hundreds of feet from the proposed site and even businesses like Dirty Bird Antiques would overlook the massive building and parking lot.

“We’re concerned that it’s going to bring an awful lot of pollution, noise, and water concerns.”

Wiltzie says his main problems with the project are the size.

“Basically it’s the size of Yankee Stadium. As far as I know, it’s the largest building in the Capital District area for a warehouse.”

The potential for water contamination of the aquifer that runs through the space.

“Once an aquifer gets polluted it’s virtually impossible to unpollute it.”

Town officials didn’t want to go on camera but say the developer Schannell Properties is looking at the environmental impacts of the project as well as a traffic study.

Schannell Properties did not respond to our request for comment.

Wiltzie says he’s not opposed to something being built in the space. He just wants it scaled back and to know exactly who or what would be operating out of the building.

“Now if they built a medical facility over there or some type of retail facility we would get some benefits from that. There are no benefits to us.”

The town supervisor declined an on-camera interview and NEWS10 ABC’s calls to the Rensselaer County Executive were not returned.

Public comment on the project will be heard on Monday.

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