Muslim group leans on faith following terrorist attacks


Members of the Al Hidaya Islamic Center start their services with a prayer facing Meca. Friday night, a lot was on their minds following the terrorists attacks on two New Zealand mosques.

“The community needs some healing. They need to address this issue,” said the mosques imam Shaikh Djafar. “These are times when we strongly count on our faith,” Djafar said.

Leaders are asking their community to maintain that faith, with a message to the youth to teach understanding to their peers.

“They should be proud being Muslims. We are in a country where there is freedom of religion and freedom of speech and definitely their community will do their best to protect them,” said Djafar.

Burhanulhak Brulah said he’s experienced racism at school.

“Thankfully nothing too serious, but when somebody says something like that to me, I try to explain it to them what we really believe,”  Brulah said. “Most people will come to understand what our religion is really about, and it’s not violence. It’s peace,” Brulah continued.

“These incidents, as they happen, just make you insecure inside you,” said mosque member Asma Arif. “Whether it’s a mosque, a synogue, whether it’s a temple — it shakes me inside,” Arif said.

After Friday night’s prayer service, the mosque held a panel discussion for their members, sharing thoughts on how to process the recent terrorist attacks.

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