Schenectady is having new life brought into the city. Some are hoping that new breath of life doesn’t erase a 60-year-old Statue of Liberty that once stood on the grounds of the former Liberty Park.

“Preservation means a lot to me. Gateway means nothing. Liberty means something to Americans,” said David Giacolone, who blogs about the missing statue. “I’ve gone over to the park and walked around and said, ‘Have you missed Lady Liberty?’ And they look around and said, ‘Yeah, what happened to Lady Liberty.’”

Hundreds of Statue of Liberty replicas were developed in 1950 by Boy Scout troops across America, including the one that use to stand on those grounds. That symbol of freedom now locked in a cage at the city garage. 

“Our natural impulse is to protect and preserve everything where it is forever. But sometimes that’s not possible,” said Michael Diana of the Schenectady Historical Society. “For some people this is a pretty contentious issue, but we also know that change is a part of Schenectady’s history.”

Matthew Sasinowski was one of the many Boy Scouts that helped raise money to bring Lady Liberty to Schenectady. He says he wants it to be placed where it bests serves the community.

“It made me feel good. It made me proud that you could do something for the community,” Sasinowski said. “Wherever the consensus is of where it would do the best good for everybody. That’s what I would say.”

The mayor will soon make an announcement regarding the future of the statue. Whether or not it will come back to the park is to be determined.