NORTHVILLE, N.Y. (NEWS10) — After battling Covid-19, a local woman is turning one of her darkest moments into something positive for others.

Maya McNulty is what’s called a long-hauler, a person who’s still experiencing Covid symptoms. She’s created It’s a niche program aimed at helping other long-haulers in three areas of recovery: cognitive, pulmonary care and physical strength.  

“It’s a long-hauler that understands what a long-hauler is going through,” McNulty said.

Dr. Amid Chopra said about 5 percent of people who are infected with Covid become long-haulers. He said they’ll experience continued symptoms like brain fog, mental health and breathing problems.  

“The longest I’ve seen a patient is 12 months out,” Chopra said.

As Covid hospitalizations decrease, Chopra said becoming a long-hauler is still something people should be worried about.

“I would not say [long-hauler disease] is dying down. So, if you get a Covid infection, you still have the chance to develop post-Covid long-hauler disease,” Chopra said.

“Long-haulers is not just a switch that you can just turn off,” McNulty said.  

She said she’s taking everything day-by-day, and Friday is a big day for her. It marks her one year anniversary of being released from rehab. She hopes her story can inspire others to see the beauty after coming out of a dark moment.  

“I always take it in and say it’s so beautiful,” McNulty said.