As the mercury rises, local shelters are getting ready for more homeless people seeking shelter from the hot weather.

Looks can be deceiving, as the bright sun beats down on the Capital City Rescue Mission. Make no mistake this heat can turn out to be downright deadly for some.

“Actually went into the hospital couple of time for heat exhaustion,” Keith Oaks said. “I felt dizzy, hot, and nauseous to my stomach.”

Oaks was homeless for about eight months before stepping inside the shelter.

“It’s lifesaving and it’s going to be really hot this weekend good to be somewhere where there is air conditioning.”

This place has more than just central air for Albany’s homeless.

“That’s the reason we have these jugs all over the place and two big ice machines we’re ready.”

Those jugs are filled with gallons of ice cold Gatorade.

The fridge is under lock and key and even Director Perry Jones needs a key to open it up.

It’s where he’s stored all the tubs of ice cream, popsicles, and ice pops. He’s hoping to provide some relief to people this weekend.

“They can come in and weather it out here.”

Jones treating this weekend like winter’s code blue, except this time, it’s a code red.

“To be able to sleep on a mat in a nice cold room whole lot better than trying to eek it out where there is no air conditioning.”

Joe Fazzone plans to be here through the weekend heatwave.

“You don’t have to be outside in the scorching sun.”

Fazzone says without the City Mission, options for the homeless can be limited.

“Getting under the tree anywhere where there is shade.”

Some even taking refuge under the shade of a bridge.

The volunteers want to spread the word that there is another place to go to escape the heat.

Jones says they did more Code Blue than any time in their history this past winter season. They fully expect more people to come in with this heat.