Local Park suggested for possible reburial site of Lake George remains


Some members of community would like to see recently discovered remains of Revolutionary War Soldiers reburied at The Lake George Battlefield Park.

 There was a construction site and there were, as happened many times in the past in Lake George, skeletons were found, explained Lyn Hohmann, President of Lake George Battlefield Park.

 Those skeletons are believed to be Revolutionary War soldiers.

In 1776, at the Revolutionary War, this site here was the army hospital for the Americans. And we know many people died, and we know they were buried somewhere. We think that what was found was a grave yard for those people, said Hohmann.

 One of the skeletons was found with buttons from the First Battalion Pennsylvania, which has helped to date the remains. It is also believed that at least one female skeleton and possibly a child’s were discovered at the site as well.

The bones are currently being analyzed by the New York State Museum.

Will they be doing DNA? ThT is the big question. And the question is will DNA still be in the marrow of the bones? Can they get it out of the teeth? I don’t know if we will ever know any of that yet, Hohmann explained.

The Lake George community is trying to decide where the remains should be reburied once the state finishes the analysis.  While it could take up to a year, some would like to see them buried at the park, where 4 other unknown soldiers have also been laid to rest.

If not the park, then the remains will likely be reburied in the local lake George cemeteries. According to Hohmann, The town plans on holding a consensus discussion and working closely with the Department of Environmental Conservation on this matter.

If we were to have the ceremony here in the park; wherever we have it, we would definitely want to have dignitaries and invite the military to participate, said Hohmann. These are our patriots. These are the folks who fought to get us a county.


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