A modular home business is getting lots of attention, but for all the wrong reasons.

A number of customers say they are out thousands of dollars in hard-earned money after they claim the South Glens Falls business failed to deliver on its promises.

The company is called Valued Homes. If you’re a customer demanding answers about your modular home, good luck! You’ll find the door locked and no one around.

It’s pretty much what Andrew Lewis says he and his grandmother have been going through.

“There’s no siding on the front and, as you can see, there’s more siding to be done.”

He says his grandmother paid Valued Homes more than $82,000 up front for a modular home. When it arrived on her lot at a local mobile home park, Andrew says nothing was finished.

“Nothing was attached and the lights were hanging. The carpet was just there. It was like they just stuck it together and left.”

Andrew claims Valued Homes never made good on their promise to have that work done.

He says they paid for all of the stuff out of pocket.

Andrew posted his story on Facebook where it was shared 1,200 times. He was astounded by several comments from others who claimed they’d had much the same experience.

Barbara Fitzgerald says that a four to six-week job turned into six months after purchasing a home from Valued Homes.

In the end, she says she paid extra to have an outside contractor complete the work.

NEWS10 ABC knocked on the door at Valued Homes but no one answered.

Over the phone, owner Sherrie Burton says she filed for bankruptcy around the time she closed her doors 30 days ago. She blamed a contractor for delays. She also said the deaths of her husband and son, who both worked for the business, have taken an emotional toll.

“But there’s a lot of people prior to her husband and her son passing that went through the same thing,” Andrew said.

As Andrew and a small army of volunteers make the house ready for inspection, his elderly grandma has been living in a motel for four and a half months.

“She’s 84 years old and this was her dream. It’s been a struggle for six months.”

Andrew says he plans on contacting the Attorney General’s Office and law enforcement.

NEWS10 ABC reached out to The New York Attorney General’s Office about the matter. They said, “We are aware of the issue and encourage all impacted New Yorkers to file complaints with our office.”

New York State Police say they are checking into complaints about Valued Homes.