The Gloversville Middle School was evacuated Friday after police say a student’s e-cigarette exploded. 

Officials say the e-cigarette combusted in the student’s pocket at around 11:30 a.m.

The student was taken to the hospital for burns. No other staff or students were injured during the incident.

Smoke from the device set off the school’s fire alarms. Students and staffs evacuated the building while firefighters responded to the scene. 

“Vaping is becoming a serious problem in schools across the country. The health dangers are clear and today’s incident underscores another danger these vape pens pose. The effects of this malfunctioning device could easily have been far worse,” Superintendent of Schools David Halloran said. “I implore parents to speak to their children about the dangers of e-cigarettes.”

Students or parents who have concerns about e-cigarette use can contact their school nurse. Additional information about e-cigarettes is available on the school district website. Click here to read Vaping 101: What every parent should know.

In New York state, e-cigarettes are treated the same as regular cigarettes. Vaping is banned in all public spaces, including public and private schools, colleges, restaurants, workplaces, public transportation, and in other areas where smoking is forbidden.