COHOES, N.Y. (NEWS10) — A Cohoes-based company said it’s in talks to potentially build thousands of ventilators for New York State.

PVA said the manufacturer can build a maximum of 1,000 devices per week to help fill the state’s need.

“Our belief is that we can keep the cost relatively low and be about half of what a regular ventilator you go and buy on the market today. We’re projecting our cost to be about 50 percent less than that,” said Managing Director Frank Hart.

Governor Andrew Cuomo has publicly pushed President Trump on the need for the device for weeks.

Cuomo said New York needs a minimum of 30,000 devices for those expected to become seriously ill due to the coronavirus.

“Volunteerism is nice. It’s nice that these companies are coming forward and saying they want to help. That is not going to get us there,” Cuomo said.

Hart said switching gears to build ventilators isn’t a major transition. The company traditionally builds custom automation equipment.

“Frankly ventilators aren’t a far reach for what we do everyday,” Hart said. “We know what goes into them. We know the amount of time that our customers need to scale and we believe we can do it faster,” Hart said.

The company said it’s waiting to hear from the New York Health Department about any changes that need to be made to the device. Hart said they plan to dedicate their resources exclusively to New York.

If they’re given the green light, Hart said the company will be able to start shipping devices out in a maximum amount of time of two weeks.