While driving down a busy road in Averill Park, a local man got an up close and personal encounter with a very friendly owl.

Jeremy Dodge’s video on Facebook starts out with an expletive and then he goes on to state, “This thing just flew into my window! It hit me in the face. I’m cut up.”

Dodge says he was driving on Route 66 Wednesday night on his way to pick up Chinese food when the unexpected visitor, an owl, flew right through his window and landed on his passenger seat.

Dodge said,  “I have no idea what’s going on, and then I look to my right and there’s feathers everywhere. It looks like someone had a pillow fight and the pillow opened. And the feathers finally settled down and I had this owl just staring at me on my passenger seat.”

He pulled his car over to let the owl out of his truck safely but not before recording the goodbye on his cellphone.

Dodge told NEWS10 ABC, “That’s why I had to take the phone out and start recording. With my luck I would have the thing fly out the window and then I’d tell my friends and they wouldn’t believe me.”