The Greene County man who killed a local rapper and then concealed his body under the floorboards of his home was sentenced Thursday.

During his trial, Carlos Graham admitted to killing Brandyn Foster in 2017 and concealing his body underneath his bedroom floor. But, he claimed it was all in self defense.

Foster and Graham had been neighbors. But any harmony between them disintegrated when Foster’s girlfriend moved in with Graham right next door. Graham claimed he shot Foster to protect the woman who came between them.

Thursday, in court, Foster’s mother, Bonnie Foster Steinberg, broke down several times as she addressed her son’s killer.

“You viciously took my son’s life. And when you did that you took my life. How could you do such a thing?”

Graham himself addressed the judge saying, “I did not intend to kill Brandyn Foster. I would never want to take anyone’s life. I’m truly sorry.”

Graham was sentenced on eight charges. On the top count of murder in the 2nd degree, the judge sentenced Graham to the maximum 25 years to life.

The woman at the center of the fatal love triangle, Sade Knox whom the prosecution says helped to conceal Foster’s body, has accepted a plea deal. But Foster’s mother is asking the judge to give her the maximum as well.