AMSTERDAM, N.Y. (NEWS10) — With social distancing still in place, a local group is bringing its outdoor activities online.

Grow Amsterdam NY, a non-profit organization that teaches safe and productive composting methods, is now holding virtual sessions to teach people the dos and don’ts of composting while maintaining social distancing.

Grow Amsterdam Pres. Bernadette Twente said the group’s mission is to educate the public on the conservation of green space and create solutions that reduce organic waste overflow in landfills.

“When we put our organics into the landfill, we create methane gas because it is all closed up and there is no air to break it down,” she explained. “So a banana peel that you put in a landfill and banana peel that is in a compost pile — that banana peel in the landfill will be around for a long time, and the banana peel that is in the pile is going to be gone in a month.”

The organization is also holding a home composting webinar over the weekend.