Marriage equality was passed in 2011, but this might be the first time a gay couple has been denied a marriage certificate here in the Capital Region.

A sign reading “justice court” is posted outside the town of Root’s clerk’s office. It’s justice that one same-sex couple says was lacking when they were denied a marriage certificate. 

Dylan Toften and Thomas Hurd posted this message on Facebook about their experience, calling the clerk a “bigot” and asking for the governor to step in.

Governor Andrew Cuomo is, in fact, doing so, launching an investigation into the matter.

The governor released this statement saying that the investigation will ensure this incident will never happen again.

NEWS10 ABC reached out to Town Lawyer Rob Subik through phone and in-person, but he was not available.

Laurel Erickson, the clerk at the center of it all, reported to work Wednesday.

“That’s unconstitutional in the state of New York. The law clearly states that anybody who wants to get married can, and the clerks are government employees and ought to, therefore, provide services,” Melanie Trimble, of the ACLU Capital Region chapter, said.

With the newly created religious liberty task force, the ACLU’s Capital Region chapter says they’ll be watching closely if this goes beyond the state.

NEWS10 ABC spoke with someone who agrees with the woman’s beliefs but says she might be in the wrong business.