MAYFILED, N.Y. (NEWS10) — After tornadoes swept across the southeastern United States about two weeks ago, the town of Mayfield in New York decided to help out the town of Mayfield in Kentucky. The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office and the Fulton County Sheriff’s Association have raised over $50,000 in just one week.

“I’ll tell you, its been a rough couple years of COVID for everyone but when you see this devastation it makes trees down or your power out for a day not seem like much around here,” said Fulton County Sheriff Richard Giardino.

The Sheriff’s Office said individuals, families and businesses from Suffolk County, Ulster County, Monroe County, all the Capital Region and Adirondack Region counties have donated. Donations were also received from several states including Florida, South Carolina, California, North Carolina and Vermont.

Giardino said he has been in touch with authorities in Mayfield, Kentucky and they have a dedicated fund established for the acceptance of donations. All donations go to the town and its home county.

The Sheriff’s Office continues to accept donations. Donations should be made out to the FCS Association, c\o Fulton County Sheriff’s Office, PO Box 20, Johnstown, New York, 12095 or dropped off at the Sheriff’s Office on Route 29 in Johnstown.