ALBANY COUNTY, RENSSELAER COUNTY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Election Day isn’t until Tuesday, but all across the state for the past nine days, voters have been able to check-in on new electronic tablets.

Matt Clyne, Democratic Commissioner for the Albany County Board of Elections felt turnout was a little slow, but suspects that’s because people are just used to going to the polls on the first Tuesday of November.

“It’s a habitual thing,” Clyne told News10, “they’re programmed to vote on Election Day.”

Clyne says it’s too soon to know if early voting was a perfect success because it’s only been done once in the state. He thinks he may have a better idea after the 2020 election.

Over in Rensselaer County, the Republican Commissioner, Jason Schofield, says they had a total of 1937 early votes, and they were split almost equally between the polling locations.

“Brunswick beat out Schodack by ten voters,” Schofield told News10.

The added dates weren’t the only new feature this election cycle. People check-in exclusively on electronic tablets for the first time. Clyne says this was a success.

“It’s quicker for the inspector to look people up,” Clyne told News10.

Same went for Rensselaer County.

“The average time, because the tablets tell us, was 31 seconds for check-in,” Schofield told News10, “so I think that was great.”

Schofield thinks early voting is a great option for people who may be out of town on election day. However, he also thinks early voters may miss out on some last minute campaigning from candidates.

“Early voting started last week. My mailbox has been filled with literature this entire week for candidates who are running,” Schofield told News10, “so once you make your vote, you really can’t change your mind.”

Tomorrow, the Boards of Elections will have the day to regroup before the general election on Tuesday.

If you voted early, you cannot cast another ballot Tuesday or make any changes to your ballot.