Local community mourns death of young football coach


It’s been a rough time for people in Albany following the passing of a well-known coach.

NEWS10 ABC spoke with friends of Joseph Davis who said the impact he has made on local kids will never be forgotten. They said Davis, or as many would call him Seven, was more than just a coach. He was also a role model, a man with integrity, and a father. 

“We have a lot of kids on our teams who don’t have fathers and he was a father to them,” Damin Waring said.

After the weekend of September 28, his life was taken away following a shooting outside of Club Phoenix in Albany. After getting word of the incident, his youth football team said a prayer before their game that weekend.

“We beat Saratoga 47 to nothing. The game was 47 so the four and the seven spelled it out.”

It was a bittersweet win for the team after finding out that game was the last one played before Coach Seven passed away.

“I felt anger.  I thought about his family and I thought about the kids of the organization,” Mel Ricks, co-coach, said.

“I had to talk to kids on Monday before they went to school.  A lot of them didn’t go to school. Some tried to go and then were taken home,” Waring said.

While the team, friends, and family are still mourning the loss of a great coach, they say his memory is all they have left.

“Man I love him. The kids love him and we are here for him. If he would of survived, that is what he would of got,” Ricks said.

Coach Seven will be honored this weekend at Bleecker Stadium.

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