ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — The Damien Center changed its policies on Wednesday due to the COVID-19 in order to protect its residents and guests, many of whom have compromised immune systems.

“This isn’t even something I could have dreamed up in a scary movie,” said Executive Director Perry Junjulas.

Half of all residents living at its HIV/AIDS housing sites have compromised immune systems. They’re considered high risk population for serious illness.

“With our population it’s scary,” Junjulas said. “Should we have a case that happens here we are prepared to make sure that person has everything they need from meals to household supplies,” Junjulas said.

The common space is now set up for social distancing and meals are put in to-go boxes for guests.

President of the Tenant Association Larry Blanding said tenants are taking the coronavirus pandemic in stride.

“We’re handling it pretty fine. It’s not chaos here. It’s very calm cool, collected,” Blanding said. “We can still be active in the community, but we got to take protocol very seriously because if not, by just breaking just a simple rule, it could be devastating for everyone,” Blanding said.

Perry’s witnessed an epidemic before in the spread of AIDS. With hand sanitizer and sanitation wipes ready, he said it’s their duty to stop the virus before it becomes worse.

“If we’ve learned anything from AIDS you need to take things like this extremely serious from the time that it starts and put into place systems that are helping people right away,” Junjulas said.

Junjulas said there protocol is subject to change due to the elevated risks.